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Friday, 25th October 2013
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Japan certified Twitter-crazy

The Japanese love for electronics is alive and well, it seems, with new statistics revealing that the top five accounts on worldwide micro-blogging site Twitter all originate from inside Japan.

This is according to, which released these statistics this week along with a number of other interesting tidbits related to social media within the country.

The publication found that an August 3rd airing of Japanese anime Castle in the Sky by cult artist Hayao Miyazaki was tweeted about so much that it quadrupled the previous tweets per second record, with a whopping 143,199 entries recorded in a single moment.

Japan has long had a close relationship with technology, making a supreme effort to preserve the old while advancing the new. 

Tourists looking to examine cutting edge electronics only have to visit the Sony building in Gizka or the Panasonic building in Odaiba, both of which are in Tokyo and open to the public.

Written by Mark Smith

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