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Monday, 28th October 2013
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Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival for Odaiba

Many of Tokyo's festivals celebrating dance are held in the sweltering summer months, but the city is currently preparing for the Dream Yosakoi Dance Festival, which will be held this weekend on November 2nd

Now in its eleventh year, the celebration sees huge groups of people showing off Yosakoi dance routines - one of the more flexible styles of the Japanese culture - and it's sure to be a treat.

Despite the country's fondness for preserving its traditions and history, Yosakoi is one of the few aspects that has changed drastically over time, with influences including local folk songs, rock and samba styles.

Teams are free to create their own costumes, routines and soundtracks. Incorporating fantastic dancing with exceptional fashion and jaw-dropping hairstyles, the festival has proven itself to be immensely popular with tourists and locals alike.

Indeed, it has been known to attract up to 500,000 spectators and 7,000 dancers split into 100 teams.

The main action gets underway in Odaiba from 10am until 9pm, and spectators need not fear the rain as a roofed stand has been set up in the plaza area behind Diver City shopping centre, from which all the action will be visible.

Those unable to get to Odaiba are welcome to attend one of the secondary venues in Marunouchi, behind the newly renovated Tokyo station, and in the large square outside JR Yurakucho Station.

Japan has a long history of dance and visitors to Tokyo who have an enthusiasm for the medium should make the effort to attend one of the many events occurring within the city if they don't get to experience the Yosakoi festival.

There are three traditional forms of dance - Noh Mai, Bon Odori and Nihon Buyo - each one bearing a different and distinctive character compared to its counterparts.

Written by Andy Mackay