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Tuesday, 8th July 2008
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Toyota plan 'solar-powered air con'

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is to make its eco-friendly Prius even greener by fitting them with solar-powered air conditioning.

The feature will be added to some high-end models of the hybrid car, with solar panels providing between two and five kilowatts of electricity, reports The Nikkei.

A Toyota official revealed the proposal on condition of anonymity as the company does not allow product plans to be made public ahead of time.

Sales of the low-carbon vehicle have soared as a result of rising oil petrol prices at the pump and growing environmental concerns among consumers.

A third-generation Prius is expected to be revealed in May next year.

Hybrid technology has been the focus of Toyota's growth strategy and the company has pledged to sell a million eco-friendly cars every year from 2010.

The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive optimally combines a refined 1.5 litre VVT-I petrol engine with a powerful electrical motor.

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