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Wednesday, 8th May 2013
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Hideki Matsui given People's Honour award

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was at the Tokyo Dome on Sunday, May 5th to give retiring professional baseball outfielder Hideki Matsui a People's Honour award. 

Also recognised was Shigeo Nagashima, Matsui's first professional skipper, who was withdrawing from the game as well. 

Speaking at the stadium, Matsui said: "It's been a long time. After I was signed by the Giants in 1992, Mr Nagashima said I should wear a No 55 as I aspire to match the single-season home record of Hall of Famer Sadaharu Oh. 

"I always felt that someday I would be back. It's regrettable that I am not able to return and play." 

Matsui began his career in 2003 playing for the Yomiuri Giant's of Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball where he played until 2009. 

He then went on to play for the New York Yankees Major League Baseball team. 

During an illustrious career, Matsui won the Central League Most Valuable Player Award not once but three times in Japan. 

His talents were also recognised outside his homeland as he was awarded the World Series Most Valuable Player Award in the US. 

Written by  Mark Smith