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Wednesday, 8th May 2013
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Triumph Japan launches Branomics Bra

Japan has shown the world it has a sense of humour when it comes to the serious business of economics as the Japanese division of Lingerie giant Triumph International has released its Branomics Bra.

The underwear's name is a pun on Abenomics, the term used to describe the economic policies proposed by the current Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

Prime Minister Abe has taken a so-called three arrow approach to the country's financial woes to address fiscal policy, monetary policy and strategies designed to boost economic growth.

Under his guidance, the country hopes to push inflation targets to a two per cent annual rate.

The bra has an upward pointing arrow and the makers say that wearers will experience a two per cent boost in volume thanks to the bra's additional padding.

Keiko Masuda, spokeswoman for Triumph, said: "We hope that, as the Japanese economy grows, we can also help bust sizes to get bigger."