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Tuesday, 14th May 2013
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Japan's first ovum bank recruits would-be donators

In what may be considered a leap forward in fertility treatment for women in Japan, the Oocyte Donation Network has announced that nine women have registered to donate their eggs to its facility.

This will be Japan's inaugural ovum bank and it is designed to help support women who suffer from fertility issues.

In addition to those who have agreed to donate their eggs to women who are infertile, there are also three prospective recipients who have signed up to the programme.

The private business which is formed of patients' representatives and doctors who specialise in fertility treatment announced in January that it would be recruiting potential clients.

It stated that after initial contact with the public some 220 women had registered with the organisation.

The first human birth produced from egg donation took place on 3rd February 1984 and the procedure which led to the pregnancy was performed by Dr John Buster at the Harbor UCLA Medical Centre.

Written by Susan Ballion