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Thursday, 17th July 2008
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Japanese fishermen strike over rising fuel costs

Around 200,000 Japanese fishing boats suspended operations yesterday (July 16th) after fishermen protested against the effect of rising fuel costs on their livelihoods.

The National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations claims that the cost of fuel accounts for up 40 per cent of the operating costs faced by fishermen, reports the Daily Yomiuri Online.

Fishermen are often handicapped when selling their produce at auction by the need to ensure the freshness of the fish.

Forbes reports that fish trading in Tokyo -the world's largest fish market - fell by a quarter as a result of the industrial action.

An official from Kappa Create said that the demand for seafood was rising all over the world.

"From this point on, the procurement of fish products is going to become more difficult all over the world," he said.