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Thursday, 17th July 2008
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Territorial dispute leads to Japanese condom row

A territorial dispute has led to complaints up after advertisements for Japanese condoms were displayed on Korean underground trains, it has been claimed.

Korea and Japan both claim ownership of the islets known respectively in the countries as Dokdo and Takeshima. The dispute is one of a number of grievances that have lingered between the two nations since the end of Japanese colonial rule in 1945.

Kim Jeong-Hwan, a spokesman for Seoul Metro, told the AFP that if the dispute had not been rekindled, there would have no complaints about the adverts.

"There were public complaints about promoting Japanese condoms and we immediately took action," he said.

Although they did not depict the contraceptives devices, the adverts did include the phrase "No 1 in Japan".

On Wednesday, protesters in Korea threw rotten egss and tomatoes at the Japanese embassy, reports the BBC.