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Wednesday, 13th March 2013
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Ueno Zoo pandas mating

Pandas living at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo have mated and staff say they hope that the female Shin Shin and her partner Ri Ri may produce a cub.

The pair began mating on Monday May 11th and again on Tuesday May 12th and they will be kept in the same enclosure for the following two days in the hope that they may mate again.

It is notoriously difficult to get pandas to breed successfully. Females are only able to get pregnant at one time during the year which obviously limits the possibility of success.

Kazuomi Nishikiori, head of educational activities at the zoo, said: "The chances of pregnancy will grow the more they mate, so we will continue to watch their behaviour."

The pair has mated successfully before when they produced a cub in July 2012, although it unfortunately succumbed to pneumonia six days after it was born.

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