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Thursday, 20th December 2012
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Japan's honest employees

A Japanese worker arguably deserves a medal as the world's most honest employee after they passed on Y10 million (£73,034) to the police when the cash was found on a conveyer belt.

The police believe that someone may have stored money in an item of furniture, such as an armchair, and subsequently forgot about it, and then took the furniture to a waste disposal facility blissfully ignorant of its contents.

The unnamed worker will not benefit from handing the cash over to the police, other than gaining a clear conscience, as the forces are appealing for the owner of the bills to come forward.

If no one comes forward to claim the cash within three month, the local authority which runs the waste disposal plant in Hiroshima will receive the money.

The police have suggested that this is simply a case of forgotten money and are not treating it as a criminal investigation.

If it is not claimed within three months, however, it will be given to the local authority that operates the waste disposal facility.

Written by Mark Smith