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Wednesday, 30th July 2008
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Japanese farmers 'relieved' after WTO talks collapse

Farmers in Japan who receive substantial agricultural have welcomed the collapse of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) global free trade talks.

Ministers meeting in Geneva were planning to agree a plan that would reduce subsidies to farmers and alter food tariffs.

An impasse has occurred, however, due to inability of industrial nations and emerging economies to reach an agreement on the issues.

Hiroyuki Kominami, a spokesman for farmers in the north-eastern island Hokkaido, told Bloomberg: " We're breathing a sigh of relief for now Ever since the liberalisation talks began in 2001, we've felt like we were being slowly choked to death."

Japanese prime minister Yasuo Fukuda said he regretted the collapse of the talks and pledge to strengthen the country's farming sector.

The WTO is a global organisation which deals with the rules of trade between nations and assists international business.