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Wednesday, 5th December 2012
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Japanese football legend announces retirement

Talking at a news conference in Sapporo, Japanese football legend Masashi Nakayama announced that he will be retiring from the game.

The player, who was responsible for scoring Japan's first goal in a World Cup, suggested that at 45 his body is no longer up to the rigors of football.

"When I wish to play at certain levels, my body won't respond to it," he said.

He suggested that injury is affecting his ability to continue in the game as he added "with recurring pain, I cannot stand on the stage to fight".

Despite retiring from international football in 2003, Nakayama continued to play at club level.

The 45-year-old finishes his career as the current top goal scorer of the J League first division having secured 157 goals.

He began playing as a Forward for the J League back in 1994 and made 54 appearances for his national side during his career.

Written by Graham McPherson