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Wednesday, 5th December 2012
In Japan Entertainment News,

Kabuki actor Kanzaburo Nakamura dies

Japanese actor Kanzaburo Nakamura has died aged 57 following a six-month battle with cancer.

The star had been suffering ill health and was staying at a Toyko hospital when he passed away.

He was arguably most famous for his work in kabuki, the classical Japanese dance-drama. 

Nakamura also starred in other types of theatre production, as well as TV commercials and dramas.

Acting is in the family and both the star's grandfathers and great-grandfathers were actors in the ancient art of kabuki.

His younger sister is the film actress Kuriko Namino, and the actor is survived by his wife Yoshie and two sons - both kabuki performers -Nakamura Kantar? II and Nakamura Shichinosuke II.

During his career he amassed various accolades including the Medal of Honor with purple ribbon in 2008 in recognition of his contribution to the arts.

In 2004, he also won a Golden Arrow Award, which was presented to him by members of the Japan Magazine Publishers Association for his work in television.

Written by Susan Ballion