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Thursday, 9th August 2012
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Japanese carmaker to test regenerative power on rail network

A major Japanese carmaker is preparing to test a new form of regenerative power to cut down energy consumption on rail networks.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp is hoping the experiment will lead to a 16 per cent reduction in power use at the railway station in the city of Funabashi, Kyodo News reports.

Trials carried out at Nishi-Funbashi Station are set to last for two months, with the experiment testing the viability of generating power from railway cars as they brake.

This power would then be recycled into the carriages to fuel lighting and air conditioners, reflecting the first time regenerative power has been used in this way. 

According to Mitsubishi, regenerative power has previously been used to fuel railcars during peak times, but never to power carriage accessories.

Earlier this week, the company announced it is to install two high-speed elevators at Chengdu Hilton International Square and Chengdu International Mart, located in the Sichuan Province of neighbouring China.

Posted Graham McPherson