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Wednesday, 8th August 2012
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Japan trialing new method to speed up immigration

Two airports in Japan are trialing a new method of personal identification in order to accelerate the immigration process.

Toyko’s Haneda airport and Narita airport in Chiba are the testing grounds for the system, which is supposed to determine if biometric data stored in passports can be accurately read by machines to identify the traveler, the Japan Times reported.

Biometric data is information exclusive to each individual, such as fingerprints, with airport officials using Japanese-only volunteers to compare their biometric data against their passports.

The Civil Aviation Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport confirmed the trial would continue until September 30th.

The identification system will then be tested for its efficiency and accuracy in a process expected to conclude at the end of March next year

Airport scanners were recently approved by the European Commission, despite concern over their harmful radiation emissions and intrusion into people’s bodies.

Posted by Mark Smith