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Thursday, 21st June 2012
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Squirrels go nuts in typhoon zoo escape

A Japanese zoo is on the hunt for a gang of squirrels who fled their enclosure during the recent typhoon.

Around 30 of the rodents made a break for freedom yesterday as typhoon Guchol wreaked havoc at the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, AFP reported.

The squirrels made their getaway after a tree next to their enclosure was uprooted in the storm, leaving a hole in the netting that prevented their escape.

By this morning, zookeepers had managed to return 18 of the furry critters, but were still on the lookout for the remaining 12 who were doing their best to evade capture.

Eri Tsushima, a spokeswoman for the zoo, told the news agency that they had set traps using their usual meal of bread and sweet potatoes.

"They don't usually attack humans, but they have very sharp front teeth, so we urge people not to chase or tease them," she added.

The squirrel's escape is not the first event of this kind at a Tokyo zoo this year. In March a Humboldt penguin shot to international fame when it escaped from the Tokyo Sea Life Park.

Written by Mark Smith

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