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Wednesday, 20th June 2012
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Japan offers Putin a paw of friendship

Notorious hard man Vladimir Putin has been presented with a cute Akita puppy by the Japanese government as a 'thank you' gift.

The two-month-old Japanese dog was presented to Mr Putin by the Akita prefecture in recognition of Russia's help following last year's earthquake and tsunami, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Akita, which is famous for its native breed of dog, was one of the prefectures to suffer the most when the tsunami struck on March 11th.

"We wanted to thank Mr Putin for his support following the great earthquake and tsunami," a spokesperson for the prefecture said to the news provider. "And we heard he likes dogs."

Prime Minister Noda reportedly informed Mr Putin of his new best friend during a chat at the G-20 summit in Mexico, making the Russian only the third-ever international leader to be gifted a canine by Japan.

Akita dogs are a breed of spitz similar to huskies and are native to the mountainous regions of northern Japan.

Written by Graham McPherson