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Wednesday, 20th August 2008
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It's a dog's life in Japan

An increasingly number of Japanese dog owners spending their hard-earned cash on pampering their pooches, it has been reported.

Japan Today claims that, with the number of pet owners on the rise, more people are turning to day care centres to looks after their four-legged friends.

One such centre is Dogs DayCare in Minaro Ward of Tokyo.

Company president Masaaki Abe commented: "I've started a service I wanted I thought people should be able to work without anxiety and pets wouldn't feel lonely if there are places like day care centres."

For a fee of 21,000 yen (about £100), dogs are allowed to play indoors and are taken for walks while their owners are otherwise engaged.

Meanwhile, The Pet Resort College in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, offers a pet hotel and lifelong care programme for older animals.

During the summer, pets popular with children include crayfish and ephemeral beetles, reports the Malaysia Star.