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Friday, 16th March 2012
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Japanese trainspotters wave goodbye to bullet train

Among the commuters at Tokyo Station today (March 16th) were hundreds of trainspotters and technophiles who had gathered to wave off the 300-series bullet train on its farewell run.

A staple in the Japanese travel industry for two decades, the high-speed train has been decommissioned and fans had come to pay their respects as it set off on its last journey, the Mainichi Daily reported.

The 300-series' final trip along the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen tracks was emotional for many, and bouquets of flowers were given to the crew as it pulled out of Tokyo Station at 10.47am on time as always.

Speaking at the farewell ceremony, the head of the Central Japan Railway Company, Naotoshi Yoshikawa, said: "Today we end 20 years of operations, but we want to further improve the technology we nurtured with the 300-series and further develop bullet trains," the news provider quoted.

Achieving speeds of 270kmh, the train reached its final destination at Shin-Osaka Station in two and a half hours.

Earlier this week, the SCMaglev and Railway Park in Nagoya - a museum that showcases a range of pioneering Japanese trains - celebrated its first anniversary.

Written by Susan Ballion