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Wednesday, 7th March 2012
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Zoo entices alligators to mate using Japanese drums

A zoo in Japan has come up with an innovative aphrodisiac in a bid to entice its alligators to mate.

Staff are banging traditional tribal drums with the aim of mimicking the animals' natural mating call and encouraging the lethargic creatures to have sex, AFP reported.

In the past, keepers at Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo resorted to banging on the windows of the Chinese alligators' enclosure to spur them to reproduce, but renovations to their tank means that this is not possible.

With the new acrylic windows failing to create the right sound, large, traditional Japanese 'taiko' drums have been chosen to recreate the technique.

Speaking to the news agency, the zoo's Hideaki Yamamoto said that he thinks it is having an effect and they are going to continue using the technique during mating season.

"After listening to the drum performance, the female alligator Susu cried a few times but the male, Yoyo, appeared not to be interested," he said.

Meanwhile, a scientist in Japan has used spider silk to weave violin strings.

Written by Susan Ballion

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