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Monday, 28th November 2011
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Osaka appoints controversial mayor

A controversial candidate in the mayoral election in Osaka has won the seat despite being a self-confessed son of a gangster.

Toru Hashimoto secured the ballot on November 27th as the city saw its highest voter turnout in 40 years at 60.92 per cent.

Further victory awaited Hashimoto as his right-hand man Ichiro Matsui was appointed secretary general by the electorate.

The results came as blow to the country’s leading parties, the Democratic Party of Japan and the Liberal Democratic Party.

Both leaders promised to do their best by the city as they addressed about 200 journalists at a press conference.

Mr Matsui said: “This is the starting point. Together with Mayor Hashimoto, I want to play the role of an engine to rejuvenate Osaka and support Japan.

“I will unify Osaka and overhaul the overlapping administration,” the Mainichi Daily quoted.

Last week, Emperor Akihito was discharged from hospital following an 18-day stay brought on by mild bronchial pneumonia.

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