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Thursday, 22nd September 2011
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Fukushima nuclear plant omitted by typhoon

A typhoon that has swept its way across the main island of Honshu has bypassed the previously devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Typhoon Roke has left at least 16 people dead or missing and damaged a number of cameras at the Tokyo Electric Power Co, the Associated Press reported.

The typhoon struck land yesterday (September 21st) afternoon near Hamamatsu and flooding waters have been responsible for much of the tragedy caused so far.

A landslide in northern Iwate prefecture took the life of one individual, while a further two sewage workers were caught up in the flooding in Sendai.

A city official told AFP news: "We are aware that one body was recovered this morning but have not confirmed it belongs to one of the missing workers."

Hundreds of people have been affected by the disaster and gauging an exact toll of fatalities is difficult while the typhoon is still in full swing.

Earlier this month, a cyclone name Talas hit Japan, with residents in Wakayama prefecture most badly affected.

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