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Friday, 27th May 2011
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Osaka governor to step up national anthem fight

Teachers in Osaka could be forced to stand up during the singing of the national anthem, under a new ordinance being debated by the local assembly.

Osaka governor Toru Hashimoto has proposed the plans, which are expected to be voted through this month, as his party holds a majority in the prefectural government, Japan Times reports.

Many Japanese object to the patriotic overtones of the national anthem, Kimigayo, which is regularly sung at school ceremonies.

Earlier this month, Mr Hashimoto was quoted as saying: "It's not unreasonable to punish public school teachers who reject orders from a principal to stand up. If they don't like it, they can quit."

The proposed plans do not contain specific punishments for teachers who refuse to stand up for the singing of the anthem, but disciplinary measures are likely to be drawn up later in the year, the local news provider added.

Written by Mark Smith

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