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Tuesday, 10th May 2011
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Pride is the only prize at sumo meet

Sumo wrestlers meeting in Tokyo to wrestle this month will have to savour the joy of winning over all else, as the spring test meet will have no prizes or trophies on offer.

Following a major match-fixing scandal that was revealed in February, the event, which will not be televised and will admit sumo fans for free, will be a matter of honour only, Japan Times reports.

Yokozune Hakuho is familiar with the situation, having won last summer's Nagoya basho, which had no grand prize due to another corruption scandal.

"Last time when I was in this type of situation, I tried to remember the joy of sumo as I wrestled. That's the same thing I have to do here. I have to feel appreciation while I wrestle," the Mongolian wrestler told the news reporter.

Furthermore, visitors to the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena should not be surprised if the lighting is a little gloomy, as every effort is being made to conserve energy in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake, which has led to electricity shortages.

Written by Mark Smith