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Wednesday, 13th April 2011
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Tokyo is safe for visitors, says travel publisher

British tourists are being encouraged to return to Tokyo, with a travel publisher describing the Japanese capital as "safe" and largely "unaffected" by last month's earthquake.

Harry Cheng, president of La Ditta Limited, publishers of the Been There Done That –Japanchecklist, said that travellers shouldn't be put off by the Fukushima situation.

"We are talking about a radius of 30 square kilometres, outside of which the International Atomic Energy Association and other organisations do maintain it is safe," he said.

Mr Cheng added that there are several must-do experiences in Japan for British visitors, including attending a Japanese tea ceremony, sampling a variety of traditional food and visiting natural wonders like Hokkaido and Yakushima.

His comments come just one day after nuclear authorities upgraded the severity of the situation at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant to a maximum seven out of seven.

However, Mr Cheng, who lives in Tokyo, insists: "There are large parts of Japan which are unaffected. Much, if not most, of Japan is open as usual for business, safe, and indeed amazing as always."

Written by Kimberley Homer

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