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Tuesday, 22nd March 2011
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Millions of yen missing at tsunami-hit bank

An opportunistic thief appears to have got away with millions of yen after the March 11th tsunami broke open the safe at Shinkin Bank in Kesennuma.

The bank's security systems were crippled by the 9.0-mangitude earthquake and consequent tsunami, the Associated Press reports.

Police said that the power of the wave was so strong that it cracked the bank vault wide open, allowing someone to walk away with 40 million yen in cash.

A police official in Miyagi prefecture told reporters: "The bank was flooded, and things were thrown all over. It was a total mess. Somebody stole the money in the midst of the chaos."

Due to the turmoil and destruction caused by the tsunami, police have only today (March 22nd) been alerted to the multi-million yen theft, 11 days after the natural disaster struck the country's north-east coast.

The total cost of the March 11th earthquake to the Japanese economy has since been estimated at $250 billion (20 trillion yen).

Written by Kimberley Homer

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