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Tuesday, 15th March 2011
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Matsuzawa pulls out of Tokyo election

Governor of Kanagawa Shigefumi Matsuzawa has pulled out of next month's Tokyo gubernatorial election, saying he will focus instead on helping his prefecture to recover from the Sendai earthquake.

Matsuzawa has thrown his weight behind the incumbent Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara, saying that he will succeed with his policies if he gets elected for a fourth term.

The 78-year-old Tokyo governor has promised to encourage the use of electric cars and establish measures to prevent second-hand smoking in public places if re-elected.

"The entire nation is at a loss amid the state crisis," Matsuzawa said, "I have made my decision to step back and cooperate entirely (with Ishihara) so that the metropolitan area alliance will develop."

For the upcoming election, which will be held on April 10th, Isihara's remaining opponents will be businessman Miki Watanabe, founder of pub chain Watami, and former Upper House lawmaker Akira Koike of the Japanese Communist Party.

Written by Mark Smith

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