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Tuesday, 15th March 2011
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Earthquake relief effort gets underway

Six international organisations and 91 countries have offered their help to Japan, as the world community comes together to bring relief to the survivors of the Sendai earthquake.

The Japanese government has welcomed 11 urban search and rescue teams from countries including the UK and the US, CNN reported.

A British team, comprising 63 fire, search and rescue specialists, two dogs and a medical support team, has been despatched along with 11 metric tons of rescue equipment, the UK government has said.

Meanwhile, reports from the Associated Press say that three neighbouring prefectures have agreed to welcome evacuees from Fukushima, where concerns remain for the stability of a major nuclear power plant.

Writing in Japan Times, Eric Johnston claims that lessons have been learned from the disastrous 1995 earthquake in Kobe.

"The way Tokyo has handled the response has received generally positive reviews," he wrote.

"One of the more noticeable changes in rescue and relief policies is the quick acceptance by Japan of international assistance."

Written by Susan Ballion

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