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Friday, 4th February 2011
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Tokyo 'a mix of old and new'

Travellers planning a trip to Japan may find that the country's capital city, Tokyo, offers an ideal mix of traditional Japanese culture and forward thinking.

Writing for Japanese news source the Yomiuri Shimbun, Takamasa Sakurai said that for many visitors to Japan, Tokyo is the city that they dream about before their trip.

Trendy areas of the metropolis including Harajuku and Shinjuku attract swathes of tourists and the electric district of Akihabara is popular with anime and manga fans.

Speaking to the source about her own Japan holiday, Slovenian student Sanja said that what appeals to her about Tokyo is the mix between old and new.

"Tokyo is the most modern city in the world, but somehow manages to hold on to its traditions at the same time. Tokyo is the rarest of places," she said.

Culture vultures keen to see the traditional side of Japan should make sure they include a trip to Kyoto on their holiday schedule. The city is home to many temples as well as Gion, an old district full of wooden buildings where geishas can still be seen wandering the streets.

Written by Mark Smith

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