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Monday, 7th February 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japan record labels 'seeing success in the West'

Record labels in Japan are becoming more successful in the western world, it has been claimed.

Mark MacBennett, president of the Japan Zone website, said that there are many areas in the country where music-loving tourists can have a good time.

He explained that every major city in Japan has a collection of 'live houses' where small bands and artists who are not so well known perform each night.

Referring to a recent signing of a Japanese band, Mr MacBennett added: "X Japan are something special in the Japanese music scene, in many senses a level above everyone else. They were visual rock pioneers and for their fans are almost a cult rather than just a band.

"They have the money and influence to make things happen in the US, whereas most other artists are more under the control of their record labels. And those labels are already having more and more success putting their acts in front of western audiences."

Written by Susan Ballion

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