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Wednesday, 26th January 2011
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Japan warms to grandma poet

A 99-year-old writer in Japan has made her debut on the bestseller lists.

Toyo Shibata has self-published a collection of her poems in her first book entitled 'Don't Be Too Frustrated'.

Reuters reported that the anthology of 42 pieces has quickly gained the grandmother a large number of fans across the country.

"I'm alive to this age thanks to support from my families, friends, care-givers and doctors and am transforming my gratitude into poetry to tell them, 'Thank you. I'm really happy,'" said Ms Shibata, who  turns 100 in June.

Her book has been top of the Oricon charts for the past fortnight and was one of the top ten selling titles in 2010, according to Japanese publisher Touhan.

Ms Shibata only took up writing when she was 92 after being forced to give up Japanese dancing due to back pain.

Publisher Asukashinsha, based in Osaka, claims that sales of the book now total more than 1.5 million copies.

Written by Mark Smith.