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Wednesday, 26th January 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

Virtual fishing rod to be launched

Fishing fans in Japan could be excited by the announcement a leading toy maker is to release a virtual rod.

Tomy is set to launch the 'Virtual Masters Real' in July for 6,279 yen in a bid to appeal to home anglers, reported AFP.

The special rod will allow users to feel a bite and reel in 'virtual' fish. It also has a camera that will provide a picture of fishing opportunities in the local area. Complete with sounds, the rod aims to provide as real as possible experience for users.

A successful bite on the line is accompanied by a vibrating reel and the feeling of weight will vary according to the size of the virtual fish.

Tomy believes that it could sell around 300,000 of the rods in the first 12 months, especially as fishing continues to rise in popularity in Japan.

Founded in 1924, Tomy is one of the world's oldest toy makers.

Written by Susan Ballion.