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Thursday, 23rd December 2010
In Japan Travel News,

Japan airline introduces bamboo wheelchairs

Bamboo wheelchairs are to be used at Japanese airports to allow users to pass easily through security.

Japan Airlines, which flies to 38 different countries, has confirmed that it will introduce the special wheelchairs at two airports in 2011 as part of new measures to reduce the time it takes for passengers to metal security detectors.

Each wheelchair costs around 600,000 yen and has taken four years to be developed via a joint project between the Japan Airlines, the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology and Sun-so-ing, a furniture maker in Oita prefecture.

It is hoped the new wheelchair, which have bamboo frames, hand rims and foot rests, could mean that users will not have to be subjected to physical body checks because their chairs will not set off the security alarms.

Initially, the wheelchairs will be piloted at Haneda airport and Oita airport but it could be expanded if passenger feedback is positive.

Written by Kimberley Homer.