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Thursday, 23rd December 2010
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Glasses-free 3D TV launched

Toshiba has launched a new television that will allow users to view 3D images without having to wear special glasses.

The 12-inch Regza GL1 Series has gone on sale in Tokyo and costs 119,800 yen. A 20-inch model is expected to be launched within days. Both models have the option of allowing watchers to switch between 2D and 3D.

It is thought to be the first 3D television that does not require the use of glasses and has already attracted strong interest from consumers.

"Customers currently think of 3D images as just an add-on function... but 3D is expected to become a standard eventually with 3D films and video titles increasing," Toshiba sales official Eiichi Matsuzawa told AFP.

Toshiba is one of a number of electronic producers that are developing new televisions that make use of Google TV software for launch at the start of next year.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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