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Wednesday, 22nd December 2010
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Toyota faces fine over safety

Toyota has agreed to pay $32.4 million to the US government after failing to follow rules about recalling vehicles.

It means the Japanese automaker will have paid a total of $48.8 million to the US because it failed to correctly handle defect problems in two cases.

One set of fines is connected to the recall of five million vehicles following concerns that the accelerator pedal could became stuck down by the car's all-weather floor mats. Initially, drivers were encouraged to remove the mats but following another incident.

US regulators concluded that "removing floor mats was insufficient and that there was a need to redesign the accelerator pedal".

The second case involved a potential loss of steering control, which Toyota claimed was limited to cars sold in Japan. However, it was later forced to recall a number of US models which developed the same fault.

Meanwhile, Toyota has announced plans to increase its growth in sales by three per cent in 2011 by targeting emerging markets within Asia.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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