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Friday, 5th November 2010
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Toyota recalls 135,000 cars

Japanese automaker Toyota is recalling around 135,000 cars due to a steering fault.

The recall applies to certain models of its iQ cars, which are sold across Europe and Japan. In addition, the Japan-only model of the Passo is affected by the same fault.

Toyota explained the fault is related to the electronic power steering (EPS) systems. There have been incidents reported that when the cars cross roadside 'rumble' strips the EPS has wrongly interpreted the signals. This could cause the driver to need to focus on steering the vehicle.

According to the car maker, the recall involves 64,620 cars in Japan and 70,840 cars in Europe. Toyota confirmed the fault can be fixed within two hours.

Toyota spokesman Scott Brownlee explained the recall follows 37 reports of warning lights being activated by Japanese drivers.

Earlier in the year, the company was forced to recall some Prius 2010 models over concerns about the vehicles' anti-lock braking systems.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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