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Thursday, 30th September 2010
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New 3D console to be released

Nintendo has announced its new 3D console will be released in February next year.

The videogame console will hit Japanese stores on February 26th and will cost 25,000 yen (£189). It has been specially designed to allow gamers to experience 3D effects without the need to wear special glasses and will be based on the popular Nintendo DS hand-held device. 

Satoru Iwata, chief executive of Nintendo, added that the new console will be released in the US, Europe and Australia in March 2012.

It is expected that the failure to release the new console before Christmas could undermine sales, especially as Nintendo's main rivals, Sony and Microsoft, are set to introduce new hardware in time for the lucrative festive period.

One of the first games expected to make its debut on the Nintendo 3D console is a new version of the popular Driver franchise.

Nintendo has also announced that it has reduced its net profit forecast for the financial year to March from 200 billion yen (£1.51 billion) to 90 billion yen (£0.68 billion).

Written by Mark Smith. 

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