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Friday, 3rd September 2010
In Weather In Japan,

Japan experiences record summer temps

Temperatures have soared to record levels in Japan over recent months.

According to officials, temperatures across the country are on average 2.96 degrees F (1.64C) above normal levels for the months from June to August.

Tokyo has seen temperatures in excess of 99 degrees F (37C) - beating the previous record set in the summer of 1994.

The heat wave has caused more than 46,000 people to seek hospital treatment and it is estimated that around 150 people have died due to heatstroke.

"It can be said that weather was abnormal in this summer," explained Japan Meteorological Agency official Shuhei Maeda, reports AFP.

"The temperature is forecast to exceed 35 degrees centigrade in many places for a week to come."

One positive impact of the unusually hot weather is a boost in retail sales as more consumers purchase cool drinks, summer clothing and items such as fans and air conditioners.

Reuters reports that there has also been an increase in popularity of obake yashiki (haunted houses) in amusement parks as visitors seek cooler indoor activities to try to escape the oppressive heat.

Written by Susan Ballion