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Monday, 6th September 2010
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Japan imposes new Iran nuclear sanctions

Japan has confirmed that it is to introduce new sanctions against Iran concerning the country's nuclear programme.

The new measures will limit transactions with Iranian banks and energy-related investment programmes – tougher sanctions than those recently introduced by the United Nation's Security Council.

Chief cabinet secretary, Yoshito Sengoku, explained the government is concerned that Iran could be using its nuclear programme to develop weapons and that it is vital to prevent this.

He added: "We have traditionally close relations with Iran and from that standpoint; we will patiently encourage the country towards a peaceful and diplomatic solution."

Iran is currently one of Japan's key energy suppliers, with crude oil in particular being a key product. However, no sanctions were placed on the continued importation by Japan of such oil.

A number of other countries including the US, Canada, UK and Australia have already adopted additional sanctions towards Iran – although both Russia and China have voiced opposition to the restrictions.

Iran has reacted negatively to Japan's decision, with the country's foreign ministry spokesman claiming the restrictions will be ineffective, reports IRNA.

Written by Mark Smith

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