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Friday, 5th December 2008
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Children to be granted Japanese citizenship

More children born out of wedlock to foreign women and Japanese men will be granted citizenship thanks to a new law that was passed today (December 5th).

Under the new legislation, the children of Japanese fathers and non-Japanese mothers are entitled to apply for citizenship until the age of 20, as long as their father has acknowledged kinship.

Hironori Kondo, a lawyer who represents children in the supreme court, said he did not think there would be a big rise in false applications for citizenship.

"There are already cases of fake marriage, where the children can then get citizenship just on the basis of paperwork.

"This [new law] won't make it easier."

Earlier this year, the supreme court effectively overturned a rule that limited nationality status to children whose parents were married.

Until 1985, the children of Japanese women and foreign father were not granted nationality, however this is now a matter of course, reports Reuters.

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