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Thursday, 18th March 2010
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March and April best for visit to Japan

Those considering a holiday to Japan this year may find the best time to go is between late March and the middle of April.

Writing for the Shanghai Daily, Yao Minji said that this is the "prime time" to head to Japan as it is when the world-famous cherry blossom trees are in bloom.

The article noted that the blooming season of the easily recognisable trees is relatively short, with the time between the opening of the buds to the shedding of petals typically one to two weeks.

"The brief and beautiful life of the cherry blossom is much appreciated by Japanese people, who enjoy not only the spectacular blossoming, but also the falling petals," the report said.

Pictures in the newspaper show Japanese people lying on the grass in a park in Osaka, beneath the flowering trees.

Cherry blossoms are recognised all over the world and are noted for their pale pink blooms and sweet smell.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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