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Thursday, 18th March 2010
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Japanese scientists demonstrate super fast scanner

Scientists in Japan have shown off a scanner capable of scanning as many as 200 pages in a minute, it has been reported.

The scanner was demonstrated by professor Masatoshi Ishikawa from the University of Tokyo and members of the university lab Takashi Nakashima and Yoshihiro Watanabe. The group built the scanner themselves and it uses cutting edge chip technology to be able to scan at high speed, reported

The camera in the scanner can shoot at speeds of 500 frames a second, the source said, and each page scanned is photographed twice.

Japan is known as a world leader in technology and was one of the first nations to embrace some of the most modern mobile phones and computers.

According to the report, the new scanner is currently still in a prototype stage but once developed and changed into a smaller system, the scientists hope it will be used in smartphones.

Written by Mark Smith.