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Thursday, 21st January 2010
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UN nuclear security discussions 'underway in Tokyo'

Government officials from a total of 17 Asian countries have gathered in Tokyo to discuss nuclear security with representatives from the United Nations (UN).

Xinhua reported that Japan and the UN nuclear watchdog began the two-day meeting today (January 21st) and experts in nuclear security from Australia and the United States are expected to be in attendance.

Among the topics of discussion are ongoing measures to ensure non-proliferation of nuclear arms and strategies to protect radioactive and nuclear materials from being diverted or stolen.

The meetings are being held ahead of April's Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

According to the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a meeting is expected to be held in The Netherlands next month in preparation for the American event.

It is thought the session will take place at The Hague and will likely be aimed at writing a draft of a joint statement, which will be presented at the Washington discussions.

Written by Mark Smith.

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