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Thursday, 21st January 2010
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Britain sends nuclear waste to Japan

The UK is sending a shipment of nuclear waste to be stored in Japan.

A shop set sail yesterday evening (January 20th) from Barrow, in the north of England, headed for a nuclear facility in Japan's Aomori region.

Japanese environmentalists have spoken of their worries over the shipment, which is the first load of highly active nuclear waste to be sent to the country from the UK under a new agreement.

They pointed out the potential for "environmental disaster" should the ship be involved in an accident.

"The waste was produced by Japanese power utilities so we cannot complain that it is being brought back to Japan, but we have very serious concerns about the safety of the shipment," head of the Citizens' Nuclear Information Centre Hideyuki Ban said, as reported by the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a number of Asian nations are to meet in Japan today to discuss nuclear security. In total, representatives from 17 Asian countries including China and South Korean are set to attend.

Written by Mark Smith.