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Thursday, 17th December 2009
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Hatoyama delays US base conclusion

The Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama has once again put off a decision on the relocation of a US army base on the island of Okinawa.

Earlier this week, the Japanese foreign minister said that the decision will not be made yet on the controversial base, which is unpopular with many Okinawa island residents.

The US military has had a large presence in Japan since the end of the second world war but since his election back in August, Hatoyama has expressed a desire to reduce the country's reliance on the US and reduce the number of American troops stationed in the country.

Many people in both the US and Japan have questioned the choice to delay the decision over whether the military base should be moved, as it puts further strain on relations between the two nations.

"I hope we can work out these negotiations as quickly as possible, since there is questioning throughout Asia as to what exactly the US Japanese relationship will be in light of the new government of Japan," said US senator John McCain.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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