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Thursday, 17th December 2009
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Computer game launches in Japan

The latest game to be released in the Final Fantasy video gaming series has gone on sale in Japan.

Final Fantasy XIII hit the shelves today (December 17th) with its much anticipated launch drawing huge crowds to video game stores across the country. The main launch of the game took place at a store in Shibuya, noted, which opened its doors in the early hours of the morning to sell to those on their way to work.

The Shibuya launch saw Japanese pop star Sayuri Sugawara entertain the crowds.

Commenting on the launch, president of gamemaker SquareEnix Yoichi Wada said: "I hope the game will perform well in the year-end and new year holiday season. I guarantee the game's quality."

The game will not go on sale in the UK until March of next year, when it will be released in both Playstation 3 and Xbox versions.

Since its first release in 1987, more than 92 million copies of the Final Fantasy series have been sold worldwide.

Written by Mark Smith.