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Wednesday, 16th December 2009
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Japanese pastry chef shows bakers how to make macaroons

A Japanese pastry chef has written a book about baking macaroons which one newspaper has classed as important reading before attempting to make the meringues at home.

Hisako Ogita's I Love Macarons includes the French spelling of the pastries and it marks the third book she has written about French pastry.

The Boston Globe noted that her directions are detailed, while the step-by-step photographs make the baking challenge of creating the perfect macaroons easier.

"Ogita's love of macaroons comes across as magnificently sincere, as does her belief that perfection is within the reach of anyone with a mixer and a pastry bag," the newspaper stated.

Macaroons are popular in Japan, with chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin having shops in the country, as well as in France and Hong Kong, where he offers three-hour private classes where he shares his recipes for pastries and macaroons.

They are also on offer at Japanese patisseries across the country in an eye-catching variety of colours.

Written by Mark Smith