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Wednesday, 16th December 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Doppleganger robots up for grabs across 28 stores in Japan

Select department stores in Japan will offer customers - for a limited time only - their own robot which looks identical to them.

Japanese robot maker Kokoro will sell the robots in stores Sogo, Seibu and Robinson for around £139,000.

They are available under a new year promotion and the company will model the buyer's upper-body movements, voice and facial expressions to create them their very own doppleganger.

However, only two robots are set to be made and if any more orders are received then the lucky recipients will be chosen by a lottery-based system.

Orders will be taken in 28 stores across Japan. The robots will not be able to walk out of the shop themselves, although their talents include acting as narrators and striking poses.

Kokoro was established in 1984 and not only creates humanoids but animals and dinosaurs also.

It also supplies Hello Kitty popcorn vending machines for children across Japan.

Written by Graham McPherson