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Monday, 14th December 2009
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Japanese treadmill mesmerises gym goer

A treadmill in a gym in Japan has amused one writer who noted the machine's interesting use of images of food.

While many treadmills simply tell the user how many calories they have burned off, the machine that New York Times writer Roger Cohen used flashed up pictures of food representing how hard he worked.

When Mr Cohen reached 35 calories, he was shown a picture of a cappuccino coffee and on reaching 75, an image of two pieces of Japanese favourite tuna sushi came up.

As he continued to work on the treadmill, he was shown pictures of all types of food and drink, from "an egg-topped sandwich suggestive of a Croque Madame" to "an elegant glass decanter of sake", he wrote in the newspaper.

"I'd never seen anything like this in any gym and found myself lost in an obsessive, screen-gazing state," he went on to say.

Japan could prove to be a fascinating place for those from the west to visit as it gives the opportunity to experience a wide range of culture shocks.

Written by Graham McPherson.