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Friday, 11th December 2009
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Fast food chain pulls out of Japan

US fast food chain Wendy's has announced it will no longer operate in Japan from the end of this month.

The firm has had outlets across Japan for the past 29 years but restaurant owner Zensho Co has now said that the firm will end its deal with Wendy's to focus its resources on its chain of gyudon beef bowl restaurants and other projects.

The Japan pull-out is part of wider business plans, a company spokesperson said.

Zensho Co has operated Wendy's since 2002, and before that, Daiei Inc had been in control of the burger chain since 1980.

Market analysts suggest that the withdrawal from Japan may be down to the competition faced by global burger giants such as McDonalds and Burger King.

McDonalds is the number one fast food burger chain in the world and has some 3,720 outlets across Japan, noted the Associated Press. The world's second biggest burger chain, Burger King, has just 16 restaurants in the country, according to the news source.

Written by Mark Smith.

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